VDA opinion on the hearing in the Lower Saxony state parliament

The Association of German Associations for Aquarium and Terrarium Studies was invited to the state parliament of Lower Saxony for a statement. This hearing will take place on January 20, 2021. Then the responsible state parliament committee advises an application from the Greens on “exotic” pets (https: //www.fraktion.gruene-ni…n-eindaemmen-artensc.html) and has invited various actors to comment. The VDA was the only keeper association asked to comment on the application at the meeting.

Kathrin Glaw, the VDA's technical expert, emphasizes: “Animal welfare, species protection and the prevention of zoonoses are not a contradiction in terms for competent aquarists and terrarium keepers, on the contrary. The owners have a high level of expertise and are constantly expanding. "Dieter Untergasser, Head of the Expertise and Fish Diseases Department at the VDA, adds:" The risk of disease transmission from invertebrates, fish, amphibians and reptiles to humans is extremely low - due to competent handling of the animals, it can be almost excluded that any diseases are transmitted. "

VDA President Jens Crueger is pleased that the VDA has been invited to comment: “We have already provided the members of the Lower Saxony state parliament with our knowledge in the past and have already taken part in a written hearing. We are very pleased that we can continue to bring our arguments into the political consultation. "