Youth promotion

Every child, every young person has so much curiosity in them. Curiosity to get to know the world around you, to discover something new and to understand the hitherto unknown. Exactly on that property builds up the youth department. We offer children and adolescents the opportunity to engage with the field of vivaristics and to develop their own opinion in this regard.

Young people at the species protection days at Schönbrunn Zoo / ViennaWhether in the Czech Republic, Germany or Austria - the desire to attract more and younger members for our hobby is given everywhere. Therefore, many clubs have begun specifically to use youth speakers. Their task is to familiarize the younger generation with the responsible use of vivaristics. Many projects have already emerged from it. In the individual countries it is the task of the umbrella organizations to observe, support and, where possible, bring them closer to other interested associations by reporting on them in order to stimulate follow-up projects.

Across borders, there are already talks and ideas on possible cooperation projects between the individual associations and associations. However, in order to build this more effectively and to get a better overview of already existing projects, the task of the EATA youth unit should be to bring together the projects of the individual associations from the national associations of the respective member countries. In this way, the contact persons or initiators of the individual projects can be listed and specifically addressed. The goal should be to show how much has already been achieved in the field of youth promotion for our hobby and what else is possible. Inspiration for own projects can be collected as well - as well as cooperation with the associations of other countries can be stimulated.

Youth on an excursion

Youth at the Gelbbauchunken project of the ÖVVÖ